WDS problems with WAG

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by gaffer101, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. gaffer101

    gaffer101 Network Guru Member

    Hi. I've attempted to set up a WAG54G (flashed to firmware 1.02.7) as a gateway connecting wirelessly to a WRT54G (flashed to the alchemy 6.0rc4 firmware) using WDS in a different room. The WRT currently has one PC connected to it, but if I get the whole thing working also want to run an Xbox off it.

    From logging on everything works fine for a little while, then, without warning, I can't do anything new. It won't let me open any new web pages, or do anything that I wasn't already doing. But (the weird thing) if I was already downloading, had a connection on Mirc, or on a particular web site, these are unaffected. The download continues, Mirc is uninterruped and I can open other pages on the same web site.

    But, try to open any new web pages, and eventually it times out. And it won't allow me to admin the WAG any more. However, pull the plug on the WRT, plug it back in, and everything works once more. Also if I leave it for while, normal service resumes eventually. For a little while at any rate.

    Has anybody else experienced this sort of problem before. Any suggestions to how I could sort it out would be gratefully received. I've tried all sorts of things from changing the channel, tweaking individual settings, changing the channels and moving the location of the hardware. All with little luck. :(
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    dont think the WAG54G support WDS does it?

    using a 3rd party firmware (satori) you could set the wrt54g as a clint but thats about it.
  3. gaffer101

    gaffer101 Network Guru Member

    The WAG does support WDS, certainly in the latest firmware. But based on my current experiences, not too well!
  4. ajgball

    ajgball Network Guru Member

    I had the same problem but it went away after resetting the WAG54G to factory defaults...

    Give it a try :roll:
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