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WDS Problems

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by sthulbourn, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. sthulbourn

    sthulbourn Guest


    I have 2 WRT54GS routers running the Sveasoft firmware (v1.0), but I am experiencing problems with WDS -- in the way that it doesnt seem to work.

    Router 1:
    MAC: 00:0F:66:DA:36:97

    Router 2:
    MAC: 00:12:17:E7:6B:72

    I have entered the MAC addresses into the WDS MAC field and selected Lan from the list on both routers.

    SSID: Mesa on both routers
    Security: None

    Any Ideas?

  2. Phantom99b

    Phantom99b Network Guru Member

    AP Watchdog is on ... make sure its turned off .... hope this helps
  3. bobysolo

    bobysolo Network Guru Member

    At the beginning I also had some problems. If you have followed the WDS setup guide, you might just need to power off/on both routers. It really helps sometimes. At least it did for me :D

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