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WDS Repeater on WRT54G with ewrt 0.3 beta 1

Discussion in 'EWRT Firmware Project' started by 123troy, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. 123troy

    123troy Guest

    I am trying to setup a wireless network at a hotel and i currently have the following setup:
    Internet -- WRT54G (w/ewrt 3b1).

    Since this setup does not cover the entire property so I am trying to add another WRT54G as a repeater. The setup would like this:
    Internet -- WRT54G -- WRT54G (both running ewrt 3b1).
    I have go into both and done the following commands: (real mac address hidden)

    on EWRT-A:
    # wl wds 00:0F:66:01:23:45
    # nvram set WDS_0=00:0F:66:01:23:45
    # nvram commit
    on EWRT-B:
    # wl wds 00:0F:66:AB:CD:EF
    # nvram set WDS_0=00:0F:66:AB:CD:EF
    # nvram commit

    But I still cannot get the two routers to talk. I have tried setting lazywds to 0 and 1, with no sucess. I have also made sure that they are both on the same channel, same SSID, and same WEP encryption key.

    on the A router (connected to Internet) have have the LAN/WLAN network setup as the following:

    Router side: Setup according to my dsl provider


    and on router B I have the following setup:

    Router side
    NM: 255.255.200

    dhcp turned off

    Is there something that I am missing to make these two work together?

    Thank you for you time.

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