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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by probsdorg, May 5, 2005.

  1. probsdorg

    probsdorg Network Guru Member

    I have a cable modem with a static IP address. I have a WRT54GS connected to the cable modem. I am not using DHCP on the WRT54GS and neither of my wireless clients use DHCP, everything is static ( even on the internal LAN ). I am using Alchemy-V1.0 v3.37.6.8sv as the firmware. The internal IP of the WRT54GS connected to the cable modem is and is in AP mode. I also have the Internet address and DNS ( from my ISP ) set up in this router. MAC filtering is on, and my 2 laptops that are allowed to connect have their MAC addresses listed here. In the WDS section, I have the MAC address of my second wireless router, a WRT54G ( at the other end of the house ) in LAN mode. The IP of the 2 laptop clients are and Both connect fine.

    The WRT54G ( at the other end of the house ) is configured as such. DHCP is off, Internet Connection type is disabled. The IP address of this router is and the gateway is MAC filtering is on, and my two laptop clients ( and ) are listed. In the WDS section, I have the WRT54GS's MAC address listed ( one connected to the cable modem ) in LAN mode. Both SSIDs on each router is the same, but the router names differ. Both wireless network modes are Mixed since I have two ethernet interfaces connected to the roter that is connected to the cable modem. Both routers are on the same channel and running the same Alchemy Firmware. SSID Broadcast is OFF on both routers. Security is WPA-Shared Key on both routers and each has the same connection password. Lazy WDS and Lazy Subnet are disabled.

    When doing a site survey, I see both routers. The one at the other end of the house signal is 54% and the one connected to the cable modem which is in the same room as I is 100%. I can connect to both routers and access the internet.

    BUT, when I go into the room ( on the other side of the house ) and do a site survey and connect to the WRT54G the signal is STILL 54% as if I am connected to the one in the other room which is connected to the cable modem.

    I can connect to the router administration screen via ( one connected to the cable modem ), but CANNOT connect to administration screen of when I am connected to

    Basically, I see both routers in a site survey, each having a different signal and MAC address, when I connect to either one, its as if I'm still only accessing the router that is connected directly to the cable modem.


  2. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    First, turn off WPA as it does not work with WDS properly. Did you use the WDS config sticky? http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=7 It sounds like the WDS link is not established. telenet to your wrt54gs and enter wl assoclist. This should return back a list of connected routers by MAC. If it doesn't then it is no in a join. Normally when WDS is working the STP protocol handles the routing and such so the wrt54g should be available by IP. I would suggest starting from basics. Reset both untis and setup only WDS. Once it is working properly add on the other custom settings you want. You should note that WDS usually requires a cold boot (power off) to kick things in gear along with some patience. You have to wait for the WDS join. It would probalby help to monitor one of the routers using syslog pointing to a wire base pc.
  3. probsdorg

    probsdorg Network Guru Member

    Awesome, thank for both hints, I will check assoclist now and reset both roters. Thanks for the info

  4. probsdorg

    probsdorg Network Guru Member

    Ok, I restored both routers to factory defaulfts and powered both off for 5 minutes. I then just set up WDS and the necessary basic setup to no avail. However, I did notice when I did a ifconfig in the router connected to the cable modem that there is an entry for wds0.2 that has a MAC address different from that on the back of the router.

    MAC on the back on the box = 00:12:17:D1:7A:15


    br0 - 00:12:17:D1:7A:15
    eth0 - 00:12:17:D1:7A:15
    eth1 - 00:12:17:D1:7A:17
    vlan0 - 00:12:17:D1:7A:15
    vlan1 - 00:12:17:D1:7A:16
    wds0.2 - 00:12:17:D1:7A:17

    maybe I will try these MAC addresses in the WDS sections of the routers when I get home and see if that works.

  5. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    It makes sense, wds0.2 MAC is your LAN MAC + 2 points in HEX. Meaning 15 + 2 = 17 which is 00:12:17:d1:7a:17 and should be what you are entering in the WDS config section.
  6. probsdorg

    probsdorg Network Guru Member

    What is the wl syntax to force a association from router1 to router2 that is set up to use WDS and WPA encryption? I still see nothing under wl assoclist and I'm trying to generate syslog errors when I attempt to make an associate between two APs.

  7. GPz1100

    GPz1100 Network Guru Member

    Perhaps alchemy 1.0 has issues with certain hardware regarding wds/wpa. The OP doesn't state which ver of GS he/she's using

    I've successfully setup a pair of wrt54gs v1.0 & a pair of wrt54g v3.0 with wds/wpa.

    To get the mac of the respective router, i go to


    Disman_ca is right about being patient. WDS takes a little bit to 'connect'.

    If you enter wl assoclist, you'll only see associated clients, not wds links.

    Do a wl wds, that will show associated wds links

    or do a wl wds <wireless mac of other router> to initiate a wds link
  8. probsdorg

    probsdorg Network Guru Member

    WDS weirdness ( fixed )

    Hey guys, thx for all your post, I finally got it to link tonight. Seems with all changes to any configuration of the router, you have to flash the router(s) as well as completely turning the router off. I'm a little concerned with having the router's firewall turned off to do this, but I guess I can firewall each PC and my FreeBSD box. Again, thanks to all and to the Alchemy developers for this awesome firmware.

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