Web Server setup using RV Series routers & 2 DSl connact

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mobassir, May 6, 2005.

  1. mobassir

    mobassir Network Guru Member


    i have 3 servers with public IP.

    1-Web Server
    2-FTP Server
    3-Mail Server

    and i am using an ADSL Service for internet with 4 Static public Ip's, 1 for ADSL modem and all other 3 for my Servers. every thing working fine.

    Now i am planing for Linksys Rv series with dual internet port Routers, becuase i am facing DSl Service problem, i wants to use 2 DSL Service for backup foe that i selected Linksys Rv series Router which has capability to handle 2 Conection at a time to increase bandwidth or backup in condition to 1 service is down.

    My question is how this task can be done, how my all servers will work with both ISP's

    M.S Khan
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