WEP11 WAP11 LAN Bridging

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by bluegonzo, May 6, 2005.

  1. bluegonzo

    bluegonzo Guest

    My configuration:

    Basemant: WET11 and a PC connected to a DSL-Router-Switch. Both the WET11 and the PC have a static IP.

    1st floor: WAP11 and PC connected to a switch. Both have a static IP configured.

    I placed the AP (Linksys WAP11) on the 1st floor to have it in the middle of the house (for later connecting a laptop PC with a WUSB11 placed on the 2nd floor). The basement is wirelessly connected to the WAP11.
    My problem is that I can access the WAP11 and the WET11 from the basement PC but not from the 1st floor PC. I don't know what I made wrong. Maybe I have to configure the WAP11 to use a gateway (currently

    Please can somebody help?
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