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WET54G for Clients

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Viperiontech, Dec 21, 2004.


Which do you feel is better for client access?

  1. Linksys WET11 (802.11b)

  2. Linksys WET54G

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  3. Buffalo Tech Airstation 54G

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  1. Viperiontech

    Viperiontech Network Guru Member

    How many WET54G's can associate with a WRT54G simultaneously? Does anyone know this? We are a small WISP moving our clients off of WET11's to newer wireless Ethernet adapters and our natural choice is the WET54G. The WET11's have all worked well in the past but our clients are all about the "G Factor" now. We figure we ought to give 'em what they ask for.

    So....WET54G's..how many per WRT54G...

    Also, are their any firmware hacks for the WET54G units that increase the radio dBm???

    Thanks Guys and Gurls.

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