WET610N - doesn't want to work properly

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by admin_dirkes, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. admin_dirkes

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    We have massive problems with our ethernet-bridges WET610N from Linksys.

    We use access-points WAP200 as well as some older WAP54G, both also manufactured by Linksys.

    Esatblishing the connection works perfectly.

    Connected to the bridge there is a switch, which provides LAN and internet to e.g. one PC and a printer.

    On the web-interface of the etherne-bridge, the "status" says it is "connected", but it only says 1,0 MBit, even if the distance between access-point an bridge is only about 1m.

    But the connection does not really work! You can't surf the inranet/internet withe the PC and the printing on the network-printer works only once in a while.

    Pinging the devices from the side of the accesspoint gives me 50% successful answers.
    With the older version (WET54G) works everything perfectly!

    What is the problem here?? Are the new WET610N not able to connect to networks with G-standart?
    There are no firmware-updates available.
    we also tried every possible security-configuration, even without key these problems remain!

    Please help me, i have no more idea what to do.
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