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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by calvey, May 25, 2005.

  1. calvey

    calvey Guest

    I have been trying to setup this up to connect to a linksys router - at this point I can't determine if it is working or if the PS2 is the issue.

    I did the intial setup with the WGA54G connected to a computer with the CD and it said it was successful but I can't use a browser to connect to it to look at the advance settings? To me that is a problem. Also is there a way to test it when it is connected to a computer? Like a ping?

    Lastly on my router connection page under status, local network DHCP client tables - shouldn't the WGA54G show up there if I have successfully connected via a computer?

    Just trying to elimiate the issue to see if it is the adapter or PS2.

    Thanks all...
  2. almond_23

    almond_23 Network Guru Member

    The default IP address of the gaming adapter is

    You can either: (1) connect the gaming adapter on a computer with a static ip like and try to ping it. if it replies, try to type the ip address of the gaming adapter in your browser so access the setup page. inside the linksys setup page assign the ssid of the router and assign the wireless mac address of the router to your gaming adapter (although most of the time having the same ssid is enough). After assigning the ssid of the router to youg gaming adapter, you should be able to see your ssid from the network list on your gaming adapter's available wireless network.

    After you get the message that says you are connected, unplug the power chord from the gaming adapter for about 15 seconds then try to hook it up to your ps2. Configure the network settings of your ps2 to obtain an ip automatically or if that does not work, go to the "applications and gaming" section of your linksys router. Go under "dmz", set the ip address to something like (depending on your router's IP , always depend on the first 3 segments). Save the settings, then go inside the "Status" section of the router. Write down all dns ip addresses from your status. If you have more than two, the first two will do as long as they are unique.

    Go to your playstation then assign the following for your playstation 2, something like this >>>

    Ip address :the ip address the you used under DMZ

    Subnet Mask:

    Default Gateway: ip address of router (by default is

    DNS1 and DNS2: (the dns that you wrote down under status tab from linksys setup page

    (2) you can connect the gaming adapter to the router if it is the same range as the gaming adapter (like 192.168.1.x) so that you dont have to assign a static ip on the computer. Do the usual configuration as above and it should work... :)

    Always set the gaming adapter's switch to infrastructure mode when using it with a router....Enjoy! :)
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