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What does Disk-to-Disk Backup exactly??

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by archimed1, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. archimed1

    archimed1 Guest

    Hello to you all!

    I am a new user to the NSLU2 and wonder about the disk-to-disk backup feature.
    I have attached two HDs 160 GB, formatted Ext3
    I have scheduled a backup job for disk backup (disk 1 to disk 2)
    For around 50 GB it lasted somewhat 4 hours (disk 2 was blank before)...

    So when i re-do the disk-to-disk job next friday, will it do a whole copy again, or does it do something like synchronizing which would fasten the process?!

    Greetz, Alex.
  2. JGSawyer42

    JGSawyer42 LI Guru Member

    From observation, I believe that the first time you run it you get a full backup, and after that you get a differential backup. As I observe the backup log, the first backup to a clean disk seems to take about 3 hours (40GB) and after that 30sec to 3 min, depending on how much I have added to the disk.

    BTW, how do you have those two 160GB drives jumpered? I have been having great trouble trying to get two new 160GB drives working.


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