What script is called by the 'Apply Settings' button?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by cog_7, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. cog_7

    cog_7 Serious Server Member


    I am writing an application that I would like it to be able to duplicate the pressing of the 'Apply Settings' button that is found in the web GUI for the router.

    I know it restarts services, but I can't figure out the root script (or command) that does the job.

    I would be very grateful if someone can give me the answer or point me in the right direction?

    (i) I understand the 'Save' button commits changes to nvram.
    (ii) Router: Asus RT-N16.
    (iii) Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (03/19/12) mega - build 18774; Optware.

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