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What speed do you get?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by tw, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. tw

    tw Network Guru Member

    I wonder whether the transfer rate I get from the NSLU2 is normal or not. It is very slow.

    I made several tests with two different disks and cases - Western Digital WD1200JB in a MaPower H31 3.5" case and a older Hitachi 2.5" disk in a Sarotech Cutie 2.5" case. I repeated the tests with different Ethernet switches, a Netgear FS108 and the built-in switch of a Linksys WRT-54GS, and from a PC and a Laptop.

    In any case writing a 700 MB file (a CD-ROM ISO-image) over the network took about 3 minutes. So the average transfer rate for large files was about 2.9 MByte/sec.

    I didn't experience the disconnects other people reported but that might be an issue of the used USB cables anyway (someone on the nslu2-linux group reported that changing the USB cable fixed the disconnect problems).

    Nevertheless 2.9 MByte/sec seems to be very slow? :(

    What transfer rates do you get?


    I'm using firmware r24 which was preinstalled.
  2. XaN-II

    XaN-II Network Guru Member

    4.3 to 5 MByte/sec (35-40 MBit/sec)
  3. tekkanano

    tekkanano Guest

  4. tw

    tw Network Guru Member

    Yes, I don't know how I computed 2.9 MByte/sec.

    I've repeated the test multiple times now and copying the 700 MByte file to the NSLU2 always takes 180 sec (+/- 10 sec).

    So what I really get is 700 MByte / 180 sec = 3.8 MByte/sec (=~ 30 Mbps).

    But when I copy files from my PC to a laptop or to another PC I get about 10 MByte/sec. Which is close to what is possible for 100 Mbps Ethernet. So this is not a problem of my network switches but of the NSLU2. :(

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