What to get for E3000, try to meet these needs.

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by SethAten, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. SethAten

    SethAten Serious Server Member

    Hi! I'm looking to Tomato my E3000, however I was wondering if there was a mod or such that had the features I need....

    Could someone help me find a version that meets as many of these needs as possible?

    DHCP supports PXE booting(so it has that Dnsmasq as "dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,,")

    Access control? As in, I can blacklist websites I dont want people to get to, or blacklist everything and whitelist only what I allow, etc.

    Bandwidth monitoring.

    All the features in standard E3000, like port forwarding.

    And, this is a long shot, maybe a DNS server?

    Of course, it has to run on a Linksys E3000, so no EasyTomato.
  2. SethAten

    SethAten Serious Server Member

    OK, I think I've just answered my question. I think I can do all this using TomatoUSB, which has optware.

    So I could DHCP/PXE AND DNS using DNSMasq, access control and monitoring with squid.

    Though, before I get too confused, can anyone confirm?
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