What we need is a modulare firmware system for the wrt54g/gs

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Gheimposse, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Gheimposse

    Gheimposse Network Guru Member

    I bought a wrt54gs some days ago and I´ll have to say that each firmware from hyperwrt over openwrt and sveasoft to wifi-box offers its own goodies which are interesting enough to run this or that firmware.

    But what I´m still missing is a way to choose modules as needed, put them together an creat via a windows based gui the corresponding .bin firmware having a tftp client included to push it up to the router.

    And pleas don´tell me that this is impossible!!! Years ago the guys from FLI4L startet their projekt to use 486 computers via a 1,44MB flloppy drive to bring up small linux firwall system using the computers internal ram.
    The minmal system size was 4mb and was still huge enough to have a web based gui included as well as dyndns, dhcp, etc. modules still included.
    Fli4l (for each who still doesn´t know this piece this project) check out http://www.fli4l.de.
    Fli4l is a german project still be adapted for dsl usage supplying a core code binary as well as a windows based gui.
    You just need to download the needed modules, unzipping them, putting them in the directory to the core code, starting the gui, entering the needed information (ip of wan address, etc.) and press the "go" button so the tools starts to creat the 1,44" floppy disc.
    Also possible there´s a windows client utility with which you´re able to control the router (uptime, connect, disconnect, etc.) as well as doing a update by pushing the new binaries via tftp onto the router.

    Going this way not each and everyone (sorry for Sveasoft) need to invest many time on evaluating and supporting their own firmware ... no each developer may focus on his needs ... one can evaluate a vpn-server another a radius server, the next one the vlan support , etc. pp.
    So the programmers of a module just need to hand out infos for which original firmware the module is written for. If a new firmware comes out he just need to verify whether his module still works with the new firmware or to reprogramm his module for the new release.
    This way not each programmer needs to hack the whole sorcecode in its own.

    Regarding the fact that this is a GPL based code I hope I can interest enough programmers from sveasoft, wifi-box, HyperWRT, TinyPEAP, etc. to work togehter instead of side by side each on its own creating own releases.


    With this idea you have more time on your own by investing less support for a whole firmware instead just bringing out the best out of your modules. You also just need to support your own modules!
    "Wish list" are up to this date a thing of yesterday cause each and everyone can choose their modules, put them together on the current, official linksys firmware to have their own idea.
    Also improved firewall scripts, or telnet functions are able to be implemented ... you just overwrite the current source code.


    For all programmers ... please let me know if you´re interested!

  2. zaphod

    zaphod Network Guru Member

    look at openwrt (think it is openwrt.org) the project is modular...
  3. Gheimposse

    Gheimposse Network Guru Member

    I know the OpenWRT project ... but this is still not what I like to have.
    Also OpenWRT is a project evaluating its own codes which need to be compiled at the end.
    Sorry to say that ... but some guys are not happy about doing such tricks until having a compiled code. Others really don´t know how to do this.
    So it shell be made a little bit easyer for windows users like FLI4L offers it since years for their ISDN/DSL router project.
    At FLI4L all programmers work on one idea:
    - making the sourcecode perfect by evaluating on it in ONE team.
    - let other programmers who like special add-ons programm extensions.
    - Standard extensions (dhcp, httpd, dsl, isdn, ntp, etc.) are delivered directly by FLI4L team.
    - The add-ons are supported in a module section.
    - Fli4l offers a windows based gui with which each dau is able to unzip the sourcecode, unzip the modules ... both in one directory ... looking in the end like the finished uncompiled sourcecode of hyperwrt, etc. ... and then just press a button and the gui creats the 1,44" MB floppy disc image.

    Sorry ... I like to have an easy way to come to my goal.
    Cause each and everyone is compiling other goods in their codes I hope going this way programmers are happy cause of having a little bit more time and be able to concentrate on focuses i.e. developing the systemcore or just modules based on the original firmware ... users are happy cause having the option to put together what they need ... and this way the idea of OpenWRT will spread over all developed firmware version from HyperWRT to Wifi-Box.

    But ... maybe ... the guys are still not ready for this idea.
    At Fli4l this works really good and all module releases are up-to-date and stable at all cause each programmer has its focus!
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