What would you like in new wap54 FW revisions

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by oopsibrokeit, Apr 22, 2005.


What do you want to see in new wap54 firmware

  1. a set-able time and date

  2. a really comprehensive log

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  3. better references/manuals

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  4. the ability to *really* overclock the power output

  5. something else... (please post it in the thread!)

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  1. oopsibrokeit

    oopsibrokeit Network Guru Member

    I've been thinking...

    ...and what i've been thinking about is things i'd like to see in wap54 firmware...

    the bandwidth management in freya is nice, and the power change is very good.

    But what i'd really like is:
    a) a proper log (time connected, time disconnected, mac, IP, attempted connections/failed connections)
    b) a way to change the system time and date. I'm in the UK and the firmware time is either completely wrong, or US time, which is not very much help! (if there is a way to change this already i'd like to hear it!_
    c) a reference for the telnet interface... (i'm not a linux guru!)

    this is probably a good time to mention it as the 2.08 source is out now and I hope the various hackers/firmware modifiers will be thinking about new revisions of their own stuff...

  2. SimonMackay

    SimonMackay Network Guru Member

    Hi all!

    I would like the following features to be supported by this AP in future firmware:

    1. Client adaptor to be able to work with ANY access point in a similar vein to a wireless client bridge.

    2. "Quick-extend" functionality when used as an extension access point
    - ability to discover a "master" configuration set on a computer or access point, "self-tune" for best performance and apply the configuration set to itself. This configuration set would have details like ESSID, wireless security parameters (WEP/WPA/WPA2 with/without 802.1x-based authentication), MAC-address filter lists, etc. This will assure proper network setups for ALL wireless-cloud extension scenarios.

    3. Support for WMM so that the wireless segment can work properly and smoothly with multimedia and VoIP traffic.

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay

  3. JusGoodFun

    JusGoodFun Network Guru Member


    Just my pennies worth...

    I run a pair of European WAP54g's EU 2.08 in Bridge mode, they work fine for maybe a few days and die. A few of the following would help lots...

    Decent logging as mentioned before, but with a user configurable level of detail ie. Low / Med / High.

    A telnet interface where a debug mode could be turned and runtime info could be pumped out would be great.

    The ability to reboot the box either through a URL or Telnet interface so a monitoring app could spot a broken link and send the reboot cmd to see if that fixes it. Guess this would need securing with a password.

    The Date issue sorted.

    Any of these would be awesome, thanks again to the guys that make all this possible.

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