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What's wrong with my WiFi

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Chrdmau, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Chrdmau

    Chrdmau Serious Server Member

    So I have a linksys e3200 dual band router. First of all my internet speed is 35MB down and 8Mb up, when I'm connected through ethernet I actually reach those speeds. My laptop is the only device I have that connects to the 5ghz band and I'll get about 27-28 mB tops but on the 2.4ghz band I'll be lucky to get 18-19 tops. Now, I understand that you might lose a little speed on WiFi but my only question is why did I just come from my friends house (which has qwest DSL with the Q1000 modem 35MB as well) and ran a 36.66 on the speedtest app for my phone, The highest I ever got was 18 on my WiFI at home. Is the Q1000 modem that much better than my E3200 linksys? Is there some settings I have messed up? I just don't get why his WiFI is allowing him to reach his full 35MB and mine isn't?
  2. Chrdmau

    Chrdmau Serious Server Member

    Anyone have an idea??
  3. lefty

    lefty Networkin' Nut Member

    Alot of this could be due to neighborhood congestion, make sure you are using a 'clean' channel that doesn't overlap with a neighbor's channel, also, because you don't give any hints to your settings, it will be somewhat hard to troubleshoot, which is probably why you have no answer till now..
  4. Chrdmau

    Chrdmau Serious Server Member

    I have tried every channel and same results, I just reset my router to factory settings and still that same thing. Doesn't get over 17-18 on 2.4 ghz, about 25-28 on 5ghz and the full 35 when I direct connect.
  5. Chrdmau

    Chrdmau Serious Server Member

    Is my post really that irrelevant or nobody knows anything?
  6. Chrdmau

    Chrdmau Serious Server Member

    I was just at another friends house with a Netgear router, we actually both have comcast with the same speed. I did a 34M/sec speedtest on my phone through his 2.4ghz wifi! what is wrong with my damn router???
  7. luckydog2006

    luckydog2006 LI Guru Member

    Are you using Tomato firmwares of any kind with QoS enabled? If so, check your QoS upload/download limit setting.

    Updated: Okay, I missed the line where your ethernet was fine and the problem you have is specific to wireless. Ignore my post.
  8. Chrdmau

    Chrdmau Serious Server Member

    Yeah, It's only the wifi that is slow.
  9. Chrdmau

    Chrdmau Serious Server Member

    No one?

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