which is recommended to get better throughput

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by goixiz, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. goixiz

    goixiz Network Guru Member

    I am currently using a WRT54G (stock firmware V4.00...) and a built in NIC in 2 notebooks. They both get about -65dBm signal and 25-30dB SNR

    Will I get better throughput (D/l and u/l)
    1. High Gain Antenae HGA7T
    2. Range expander WRE54G
    3. 3rd party firmware to boost the signal strength

    Which one will give me the best throughput

  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    What is the thoriughput you are getting and under what conditions?b The WRE54G will cut throughput, but will increase chances of getting connectivity. It is a repeater and receives and send packets with its own MAC address. It has only one radio so throughput is cut in half, but it will extend the coverage of your network.

    The high gain antennas wil only increase down load and upload speeds if you signal is marginal.

    Incresasing the signal signal will do the same, but you should only increase the signal to the point you get a stable signal. If you keep increasing the signal, you are increasing the noise levels in the signals also. You increase the chance of interfereing with nearby wireless networks. The download and upload speed is usually dependent on the type of of connection you have and the download and upload speeds the ISP provides. For exmaple if you have a DSL line and a 3Mbs/768Kbs connection you will be getting not more than a download speed of about 2.7 Mbs, ypu will get ore with cable conections and fiber. A wireless 802.11G connection will give you about 22-24 Mbs. If you have more than one client of course you divide the speed by the number of clients. The WAN ports of some cunsumer routers may top out at 10Mbs or higher The troughput alsp depends on other factors such as the RWIN size snf other facors.
  3. goixiz

    goixiz Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the great in depth info.
    Im glad i didnt get WRE nor the antennae\

    thanks again
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