Which Shibby Should I Use?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Michael Blahay, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Michael Blahay

    Michael Blahay Serious Server Member

    I would like to use Shibby with my WRT54GS V2, but there are many links for downloading the firmware on Shibby's page and it isn't clear what each link is for.

    Help Please.
  2. Mangix

    Mangix Networkin' Nut Member

    K24 is needed. Unfortunately, builds that have an older driver are also needed. I am not sure if shibby's builds use NEWD or VINT. Someone else needs to chime in...
  3. eahm

    eahm LI Guru Member

    Tomato RAF
    Kernel 2.4.x (these are the ones I would flash)
    1.28.121006 (older kernel, 80Mbps guaranteed): http://victek.is-a-geek.com/Repositorios/TomatoRAF/Tomato_RAF_1.28.121006a.zip
    1.28.8515 ND (standard version, new drivers): http://victek.is-a-geek.com/Repositorios/TomatoRAF/tomato.RAF-K24-1.28.8515_lite.trx.7z
    1.28.8525 ND + VPN (standard version, new drivers + VPN): http://victek.is-a-geek.com/Repositorios/TomatoRAF/Tomato-RAF-1.28.8525_VPN.7z

    Kernel 2.6.x (not suggested but it works)
    1.28.9006 Captive Portal: http://victek.is-a-geek.com/Repositorios/TomatoRAF/tomato-K26-1.28.9006MIPSR1_RAF-Std-NOCAT.trx
    1.28.9006 Captive Portal + VPN: http://victek.is-a-geek.com/Repositorios/TomatoRAF/tomato-K26-1.28.9006MIPSR1_RAF-VPN-NOCAT.trx


    Tomato Toastman
    Kernel 2.4.x
    1.28.7633.3 (search for wrt54gs) (tomato-WRT54GS-1.28.7633.3-Toastman-IPT-ND-Std or tomato-WRT54GS-1.28.7633.3-Toastman-IPT-ND-VPN are the ones I would flash): http://www.4shared.com/dir/v1BuINP3/Toastman_Builds.html#dir=NH6DiVQV

    Kernel 2.6.x (same as before)
    http://www.4shared.com/dir/v1BuINP3/Toastman_Builds.html#dir=Gr6cwzyu one of the first three.


    Tomato Shibby
    Kernel 2.4.x
    105-EN (VPN build, all the normal/default features + VPN): http://tomato.groov.pl/download/K24/build5x-105-EN/tomato-ND-1.28.5x-105-VPN.trx

    Kernel 2.6.x (same as before)
    105-EN (IPv6 + VPN build): http://tomato.groov.pl/download/K26/build5x-105-EN/tomato-K26-1.28.RT-MIPSR1-105-IPv6-VPN.trx
    105-EN (Max build): http://tomato.groov.pl/download/K26/build5x-105-EN/tomato-K26-1.28.RT-MIPSR1-105-Max.trx
  4. vlads

    vlads Networkin' Nut Member

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  5. mito

    mito Network Guru Member

    any firm with kernel 2.4 will go fine, don't go with a large firm, remember you have 8 MB flash memory. i think the more experienced in any wrt54 is Victek Raf 1.28.121006 (@ eahm older kernel, 80Mbps guaranteed!)
  6. eahm

    eahm LI Guru Member

    I personally flash 1.28.7633.3 when I have a WRT54Gx to do. I think it's the best one with the latest drivers/software.
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  7. mito

    mito Network Guru Member

    to be in te safe side also watch the wlo_corerev <7 or wlo_corerev>7
    just my 2 cts.
  8. lefty

    lefty Networkin' Nut Member

    eahm: agreed, i still use 1.28.7633.3 on older wrt54g style units, rock solid.
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  9. eahm

    eahm LI Guru Member

    Where did Shibby confirm this? Can you please find the post?

  10. vlads

    vlads Networkin' Nut Member

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  11. Jason Jordan

    Jason Jordan Networkin' Nut Member

    I hate to be that guy... you know, the noob that asks old-already-answered questions, but...

    Does anyone have a decoder ring for the various images naming versions of Tomato Shibby? The page describing it http://tomato.groov.pl/?page_id=66 is in Polish only and the English link at the top goes to a page stating that it is in progress.

    I have a Linksys WRTSL54GS that I'd like to install the latest and greatest Tomato Shibby on... I'm just not sure which file to use.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  12. adlerfra

    adlerfra LI Guru Member

  13. suddenly helpful

    suddenly helpful Reformed Router Member

    leaning towards the K26 Max firmware package for my WRT54GS V4. I was told I should only use the K24.

    Has anyone used the K26 Max package on this series the WRT54GS router series? Was the performance good/bad?
  14. darkknight93

    darkknight93 Networkin' Nut Member

    There is only one shibby in this world. The one and only shibby ;)
  15. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    If you need IPV6 then go for it. If not then use K2.4

    I had one of those routers running K2.4 Toastman Tomato at a family member's house for months without a reboot, overclocked. It struggled with QoS and other CPU-intensive features on a 16/1 cable connection.

    Worked with a couple of Shibby K2.4 versions for months. Only one crash, probably from the overclock. Otherwise similar performance to Toastman.

    Seemed to work with previous version of Gargoyle, but didn't do much testing.
  16. HunterZ

    HunterZ Network Guru Member

    Shibby's site shows that his K26 builds run on the wrt54g. Is there any reason not to do this?

    Will K26 allow me to run Entware, or does Entware require mips R2?
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