Which VPN Router should I buy?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by bholland, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. bholland

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    Small company with a set of servers hosted at a colocation facility. The servers serve up web applications and mail. The servers are behind a Linksys RV016 router which has been in place for several years.

    Most employees use web application to complete most of their work but now we need to provide some VPN access on the road and at their homes.

    We have 1 person using a Linksys RV042 with a Gateway to Gateway (G2G?) VPN Tunnel and that works out very well. I am generally pleased with the RV042 except that it is not wireless and it seems kind of expensive for the needs of the remote locations.


    I would really like to buy several routers for under $100 each that allow me to configure G2G VPNs so people dont have to use QuickVPN (except on the road) and I would like Wireless. Each remote site really only needs to use 2 VPN connections at the very most. Being able to VPN to the remote users router would be nice...

    From reading the Linksys site I cant tell which routers support the G2G scenario -- I know the RV042 does and it looks like reading the forums here that some of the routers below support this scenario.

    Here is a list of routers that seem to do some sort of VPN:

    WRVS4400N - Wireless, $$$
    WRV200 - Wireless, $
    WRV54G - Wireless, $

    BEFSX41 - No Wireless, unknown $
    BEFVP41 - No Wireless, unknown $
    RVL200 - No Wireless, $
    RVS4000 - No Wireless, $
    RV0 Series - No Wireless, $$

    Seems like a lot of different solutions. Which one would you recommend?


  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Any "vpn" router is going to support G2G, if you want stability go with the RV042 or 82, if you want to have wacky issues from time to time that leave you scratching your head go with any of the others. Though I have had good luck with the wrv200 most have had issues with the tunnel going down and needing a reboot to fix. The 54g i have heard is good as well.
  3. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    I do have two WRV200 connected to RV042 with G2G VPN. The tunnels are working correctly, but the WRV200 are not very reliable. Luckily the VPN tunnels are reconnecting properly if a WRV200 reboots itself.
  4. ArchCC

    ArchCC LI Guru Member

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