Why we need IPv6 in Tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by RonV, Oct 18, 2013.

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    I know that there is a lot of work being done for IPv6 in the Tomato firmware area. With some ISP doing native and other trying "exotic" solutuions to keep control of their networks it's like the wild west of the early internet to come up with solutions to the problems being created by IPv6's implementations.

    If you look at the Tomato RAF thread you will see how much effort Victek has put into solving the IPv6 delema along trying to come up with ways to make sure what makes Tomato, Tomato, is still working.

    I came across this interesting article on ExtremeTech that outlines how the video game industry is one of the early adopters of the capabilities of IPv6.


    Another area that is driving IPv6 is the mobile data folks. Verizon mandates IPv6 on it's LTE networks today. AT&T has also stated that when they start building out new U-Verse locations again they will all be IPv6 at the core.

    I have been testing many products that leverage home networking services, and I am seeing more of them looking at the IPv6 stack for their native discovery services to provide zero configation integration within the home network. Video security systems using the native IPsec services of IPv6, multicasted streaming etc.

    So far the first party firmwares have mostly failed in their IPv6 implementations only supporting "basic" IPv6. IPv6 is here to stay and the 3rd party firmware family must evolve and innovate into this area going beyound the "basic". Tomato was not the first open firmware but has evolved into the most stable, easily configured, and feature complete to compete with routers from the big providers.
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    +++++1!!! with a 'AMEN' to boot too!!!
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