WifiBox and WRT54GS v1.1

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by slemke, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. slemke

    slemke Network Guru Member

    Hi !

    I have yesterday flashed wifibox on my brand new
    WRT54GS v1.1 (serial starts with CGN2). I does not
    work ! Only a WLAN Connection is possible, no LAN
    Connection. After reflashing the original Firmware from
    Linksys it does not work, too. After playing around
    flashing serveral versions and nvram erase - it works
    again. The next try with wifibox was unsuccessfull, too.

    On other - wrt54gs/v1.0 boxes - the firmware is running fine !

    When I do a
    nvram set lan_ifnames="vlan0 eth0 eth1"
    nvram commit

    and reboot, it works also with wifibox on WLAN and
    LAN (WAN not tested!). But, after resetting to factory
    defaults the old behaviour, no LAN Connection !

    Can you fix this please ? WifiBox is an fantastic
    firmware and I would like to continue using it....

    I have posted this also to sourceforge. I hope anybody can help me out...

  2. Sjowhan

    Sjowhan Network Guru Member

    I think it has something to do with this thread: WRT54G v2.2 v3.0 and WRT54GS v1.1 v2.0 USERS READ NOW.

    It says that you can't use Wifibox with the new 1.1 hardwareversion. I've the same problem (only WLAN works, not the WAN/LAN) with my linksys wrt54g.

    Solution: use only the firmware that is noticed in that thread and wait for an update of the wifibox-firmware ;)
  3. slemke

    slemke Network Guru Member

    Hi !

    thanks for the link - after looking around for hours, I have not seen it ;-)

    So - please - can one of the authors put back wifibox to work ? Can I compile my own firmware ? Where have I to do the corrections ?

  4. Sjowhan

    Sjowhan Network Guru Member

    I have tried to 'reflash' it with a wireless connection and the original firmware of linksys, but i don't know if that solves the problem..
  5. slemke

    slemke Network Guru Member

    Hi !

    with my router it does NOT - even with the original Linksys FW !
    at first - try the nvram-Settings above.
    Second you can try to make an
    nvram erase
    and then flash the original Firm. Play around with
    nvram erase
    and without reboot before flashing. I have today in the morning the Alchemy-1.0 FW from sveasoft flashed and set the "nvram set" values. LAN was ok, also WLAN. I have reflashed the original and anything was ok.

    Do NOT try to restore an Backup of another (v1.0) wifibox-Router. I have killed my this way. Now I will build an JTAG Interface and hope it works. Even the TFTP Method at restart does not work.

  6. Sjowhan

    Sjowhan Network Guru Member

    Hmm ok. Will try this when i'm home; hope it works for me, because i just wanted to have more options, and didn't realise that it could go wrong ;).
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