win 7 wifi causes my WRT54G to slow down 20x till reset

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by rocket777, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. rocket777

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    My wrt54g (firmware old - v1.00.6) has run fine for years until my daughter got a laptop with win7. All my other systems still run XP or win2k. I only run wireless with her win7 and one netbook with xp, all the other connections are wired.

    Going to and after I reset (pull power) the router, I get 20Mbps download. After the win7 wifi runs for a bit, download speed drops to 2 Mbps or less. It seems to be after she goes to you tube and starts watching videos. If I reset again, it immediately goes back to the full speed of 20. I measure this after she's taken her laptop off the network. So, whatever her win7 is doing, it stays that way after she disconnects (i.e. slow on my other systems) until the reset. I also measured the speed on her win7 system and it also would slow there as well and speed up after a reset (for a while).

    Any ideas here? Would a newer firmware fix this? I read somewhere that some settings in win7 can fix this, but couldn't find out what they were.
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