Win XP SP2

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tom, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. tom

    tom Network Guru Member

    I installed Windows XP SP 2 (from MSDN Download) on several PCs.

    Microsoft has definitely focused on WiFi and also WiFi security (as well as other security issues) with SP2.

    I like the part where you can pull up the status and every WiFi unit in range is displayed along with the current power bars and a security lock icon to show if security is enabled.

    Uunless someone else finds a problem with SP2 I would say it is a keeper for anyone using WiFi with XP.
  2. yonnage

    yonnage Network Guru Member

    The church that I attend have just installed SP2 on one of their machines and it killed a number of programs, and also stopped file sharing. After going there and looking at the pc it appears to have only installed half the SP, and caused a severe system instability. I ended up having to install a flash card (unable to use built in one) and copy the file over to get it on the laptop for work tomorrow morning.

    Microsoft have also released a list of 50+ programs which do not work out of the box with SP2
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