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Wired networking - need advice on expanding home network?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by zincter, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. zincter

    zincter Network Guru Member

    I am using a WTR54GS, but need more wired ports. If I want to expand my network, which linksys device is best to daisychain from it? Another router, a switch, or a hub? Any model recommendations?
  2. OldeBill

    OldeBill Network Guru Member

    Personally, I've used both a home router and small switch to provide more wired ports. Cost is usually the primary deciding factor, personally I'd avoid a hub.

    I've got a small CAD $20 5-port 10/100 switch that's about the size of a pack of cigarettes (plus power cube) that's handy when I need to expand the number of ports available in a meeting room or hotel. At home I'm actually using an SMC BR14-UP, broadband router to provide more ports with my WRT54GS. Plus, it's also the print server for my parallel and USB printers. I got the SMC for about CAD $30 after rebate. However, I've successfully used an old 3COM wired router and a DLINK b/g wireless router for port expansion before.

    BTW, if you're going to use a router make sure you turn OFF the DHCP server and connect the LAN (*not* WAN) ports of the expansion router to the WRT54GS.

    Happy Networking.

  3. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    I'd say use a switch, a router will do everything a switch will but you will have to configure it and it sounds like you really dont need it. Just dont use a hub, it would work but not as efficiently.
    Linksys has 16/8/5 port switches like the EZXS88W or you could get a gigabit switch depending on your hardware and needs.

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