Wireless Bridge: Internet/Gateway to Router/DHCP?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by cray54, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. cray54

    cray54 Reformed Router Member

    I'm seeking assistance in configuring a network. Specifically a wireless bridge that connects my Gateway Router to my DHCP Router.

    • Both routers on the same subnet
    • Matching SSID on both routers for wireless roaming
    • Stable wireless bridge connecting routers (with additional hardware)
    • Wired and wireless clients on both routers
    Basic Layout:
    DSL -- WRT54G ("Secondary"; Gateway) ~~~ WET54G -- WRT54G ("Primary"; DHCP)

    I'm having trouble figuring the correct settings to do this. I currently have this physical layout, but both routers are DHCP servers with separate subnets and different SSIDs with DD-WRT running. I have decided to switch to TomatoUSB on most of my hardware after having a good experience with it on another project. As I do so, I'd like to re-configure the network so it is all one subnet with functional wireless roaming.

    Reasons for the complexity:
    I have full control over the "Primary" site and need all connected hardware to maintain power and communication. The "Secondary" location is where my internet service comes in, but multiple people have access to that location and there are greater risks of power loss.

    I need my "Primary" location to continue to function in the event of a power loss at my "Secondary" location. That is my reason for having DHCP and primary routing happening at the "Primary" location. Critical local hardware is all wired to the "Primary" Router.

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