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Wireless Can't Do Email, 10/100 can?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dfischer, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. dfischer

    dfischer Network Guru Member

    Am using a W2K laptop using a WPC54GS V2 card, talking to a WRT54GS V4 router. Randomly drops association, doesn’t seem to matter if wireless phone on or off. Worse, when associated a key application, MS Outlook – talking to Exchange Server, won’t work. This across a VPN tunnel. All applications work find over 10/100 ports, including VPN and outlook. Appears to be a wireless issue. However:

    This is an replacement for a 5 year old burned up Symbol 802.11b AP. It always worked 100%, and was also on channel 11. This seems to be a communication problem between the wireless card (which I hear is a TI chipset in V2) and the WRT (which is a broadcom, yes?).

    Everything that can be turned off is. WRT settings follow:

    MTU = 1492
    DDNS = disabled
    MAC addr clone = disabled
    Set as “Gatewayâ€

    “G†only mode
    Channel 11 (lowest SN/Noise as per netstumbler)
    SSDI broadcast still enabled

    Security = Disabled
    MAC Filter = Disabled

    Authentication = Auto
    Basic Rate = Default
    Transmission Rate = Auto
    CTS Protect = Disable
    Frame Burst = Disable
    Beacon = 25
    DTIM = 1
    Frag = 2346
    RTS = 2347
    AP Isolation = Off
    SecureEasySetup = Off

    FW = Off
    Blocks and Filters = Unchecked

    VPN = All Enabled

    Access Restrictions = Disabled

    Applcations and Gaming = Stock, no entries (and since 10/100 connect works, this seems to be a wireless problem, yes?)

    UpnP =Disabled.. Does this apply to the switch ports as well as the FW?

    Any ideas? As you can tell, I'm frustrated. As base a config as it can go, and the darn wireless won't let email work. sigh...


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