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Wireless client mode with pptp connection

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by habos, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. habos

    habos Network Guru Member


    I'm using dd-wrt on my wrt54g v2 AP in client mode to get internet from my wireless ISP.
    Realy nice work, I also installed today the 23beta and i like the new web interface.

    I was not able to setup the pptp connection on my router probably i'm missing somthing.

    I setup my router to work in client mode and on setup page i choose 'Automatic configuration - DHCP' so that the eth1 can get the IP/GW/DNS from the ISP via DHCP. My ISP assigns the IP dynamicly. It uses the following GW ->,, and According what GW is assigned the eth1 gets the IP from that range. The DNS servers are and

    I got all these over DHCP and after that I can establish the pptp connection from my windows machine. The pptp server is The pptp connection uses MPPE 128, MPPC, MS CHAP V2 according the pptp connection details.

    I would like to establish the pptp connection from the router so that i can use the firewall on it and also to connect more then one computer to router (now i need to use windows connection sharing).
    I tryed to use the PPTP options from combo box on the setup box but i realy don't know what to enter into fields IP/GW as these are assigned dinamicly to me, so my question is, is there a way that I can establish a pptp connection from my router using the data above or do i need to live with establishing my pptp connection from windows?

    If anybody can help me, THX

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