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Wireless Client Router Access

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by RonV, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. RonV

    RonV Network Guru Member

    I have multiple devices to run off of one router that wirelessly connects to my root router. When I had only one device I set Tomato up as a Wireless Ethernet Bridge which only supports one device. I have reconfigured the router as Wireless Client. It works like a champ but I can't seem to get into the router to administer from my root network. Here is what I have:

    Intenret----<Tomato>----<WiFI>--------------------<Wireless Client>----<Port1>---PC
                       |----<Port1>- PC                               |----<Port2>---MediaExtender
                       |----<Port2>- NAS                              |----<Port3>---PC
                       |----<Port3>- PBX                              |----<Port4>---n/c
                       |----<Port4>- PrintServer                         192.168.101.x 
    When I am on the 192.168.101 segment I can administer both routers. When I am on the 192.168.100.x segment I cannot get to the interface of the 192.168.101.x router. The wireless client has the following two addresses assigned, and No luck on either of these two address to manage. I have tried turning on remote access and setting up 8081 as the port but still no admin access.

    Is there something else that needs to be configured? I would like to do all my administration from the 192.168.100.x segment.
  2. j.m.

    j.m. LI Guru Member

    Why not use WDS instead? Much simpler, and it avoids the need to have different subnets.
  3. RonV

    RonV Network Guru Member

    WDS doesn't solve my problem of needing to have multiple devices connect. Also WDS consumes double to wireless bandwidth.
  4. j.m.

    j.m. LI Guru Member

    WDS supports multiple devices. WDS does not halve the wireless bandwidth when used with only two nodes and wired clients. See http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?t=36033. You can set your second router to "WDS Only" to prevent clients from associating with it. There should be little to no speed difference between doing that and using client mode.
  5. RonV

    RonV Network Guru Member

    I'll give it a shot and see what happens...thanks...

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