Wireless connectivity with Tomato 1.25.1720 on WRT54GLv3 intermittently stalled

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by KrofDrakula, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. KrofDrakula

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    I've been googling around for a solution on this issue, but haven't really found anyone describing the problem I've been experiencing.

    My setup is the following – I have a WRT54GLv3 with Tomato installed and it has been running very well for the past couple of months. The only issue I've had with it is that wireless connections seem to get stalled about every 30 seconds.

    An example is streaming a file from a CIFS share on a Vista machine (connected by wire to router) via wireless to my Ubuntu 9.10 machine or a Windows 7 netbook. The streaming goes fine for the first 30 seconds, then stalls for 1-3 seconds, then resumes. Unless the program runs out of buffer, the video runs fine, but with time, it starts to noticeably lag and tear the video.

    This is not specific to CIFS though – I tested FTP via local wireless network and the same issue pops up. This has me suspecting both the server Vista machine and the router firmware. While some have suggested, that Windows' wireless polling would be the culprit with 60-second interval connectivity drops, I've ruled this out, since the machine experiencing the drop is a Linux machine, and Vista is wired.

    Oh, and the signal is steady at about 75%, no considerable fluctuations here.

    Any pointers on what to check and where to look?
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