Wireless disconnection problem WAG54, cause found.

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by peter_nl, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. peter_nl

    peter_nl Network Guru Member


    Like many other WAG54 user I have (had) problems with losing wireless connection between the gateway and PC’s. When this problem occurs, it can only be fixed by simply turning power off and on of the gateway. I have a configuration of two PC’s running XP with a Linksys wireless card. One PC is placed on the first floor. The other PC is standing upstairs on the second floor. The Linksys gateway (WAG54) was standing in a closet on the hallway on the first floor. The first PC was standing in a room about 3 meters away from the gateway, separated with two plaster walls of 7 centimeters thick. Signal strength was almost always maximal with five out of five bars, en transmission speed between 54Mb and 48Mb. The second PC upstairs is about 4 to 5 meters (diagonal) away from the gateway, separated with two plaster walls of 7cm, and a concrete floor of about 20cm. Signal strength 1 to 3 bars out of 5 and a transmission speed between 1Mb and 12Mb. It only went wrong went PC 2 was on. I found out that it only went wrong when signal strength on PC 2 was bad (1 bar) and speed 1Mb. In this situation, during communication between gateway and PC 2, data was last and gateway got stuck in his own program. No wireless communication is possible anymore with the two PC’s. Wired LAN connections are still working. The LED’s on the gateway show no problem. The PC managed to survive this lost data, the gateway was stuck until it got a reset by simply turning its power off and on again.
    I did a test by moving the gateway to a position where signal strength on PC 2 was good and PC 1 bad. The problem changed its place from upstairs to downstairs. Changing transmission channel does something, but not enough. There are 2 other wireless networks in the neighborhood, but giving no problem. Disconnecting my wireless telephone was also not helping.

    Now I moved around the house with the gateway to find a place where both PC’s show a good signal strength and data transfer speed. Since that moment the problem doesn’t occur anymore.

    So there are two problems:
    1. Signal strength is to week. I am really disappointed about this.
    2. During data loss software in WAG54 gets stuck.

    Looking to reaction of other users with this problem, the getting stuck problem is never fixed with a software upgrade.
    For me, never Linksys again

  2. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    I alos got problem with wireless, and still no solution.
    The only thing you can do is to send a lot of mails to linksys support
  3. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    Try to contact linksys support again and again.
    I'm an embeded software engeneer (project leader) and for me it clearly a bug link to real time (buffer overflow, or synch problem...)

  4. peter_nl

    peter_nl Network Guru Member

    Unfortunately, it went wrong again on Friday evening. I saw it coming. Upstairs, where the connection should be the best, signal strength went from 4 out of 5 bars to 1 bar. Speed went down from 48Mb to 1Mb. Downstairs, normally a bit worse then upstairs, no problem. Signal strength of 4 bars and speed 48Mb. How this is possible, I don’t know. Some minutes later it happened again. WAG54 got stuck. Only thing to fix this, was turning power off an on from WAG54.
    Someone gave me a tip of using fixed IP addresses. So I changed automatically IP address to manual address and did this also with DNS settings. Since that moment, no problems again, what so ever.
    I found out that the software version of my WAG54 has DHCP problems, so that explains the automatic IP and DNS setting problems.
    I will not change the software version to another one with fixed DHCP problem, and giving me some new ones. I think I know now all the problems of this one………
    If it were possible, I would kick this peace of sh*t back to the shop and buy something else, other than Linksys. But I am afraid that it does not work like that in Holland.
  5. Hardman

    Hardman Network Guru Member

    so why is the 802.11b 100% stable?
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