Wireless Speed - Manually Set?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by grape8pe, May 17, 2005.

  1. grape8pe

    grape8pe Network Guru Member

    For a while I have been having trouble with the connection speed with my WMP54GS; I'm using a WRT54GS router. Here has been my dilemma, if I install the drivers and leave all the setting to the default settings my connection will peak at 54 Mbps but when I use my wireless connection it will drop to 11 Mbps. I have a 4 Mbps internet connection and when the wireless connection drops to the lower speeds my internet speed tests suffer. Even when I transfer within my WLAN I only reach throughput of 1-3 Mbps using Qcheck. I recently bumped my card settings (in the advanced tab) to force a 54 Mbps connection. Now my internet speed is normal and internal transfers are consistently over 10 Mbps.

    So here's my question, what's the disadvantage of forcing my PCI card to a 54 Mbps connection. I also have a laptop with a WPC54GS and I don't have this problem with it (connection maintains at 111-125 Mbps).

    Second question why does my laptop card report 125 Mbps and my PCI card only report a max of 54 Mbps from the same location? They are both Speed Booster approved. Thank you for your time!
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