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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by overmind, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. overmind

    overmind Network Guru Member


    I recently installed the Linksys WMP54GS drivers v3.100.46.0 (I think it's the latest version?).

    For the first time I entered the card's advanced tab and was amaized to find quite a couple of settings one can play around with. I haven't changed any of these settings since I don't know what they mean. Is there any place where one can get a manual or page that explains every option and what each setting should be for maximum performance or maximum stability? There must be a optimum combination.

    I'm listing all the settings and its default values here, hoping to get some discussion going. Maybe we can put a guide together from everyone's input.

    Antenna Diversity -> Auto [Default] (Only option available)

    AP Compatibility Mode -> Higher Performance [Default]
    Broader Compatibility

    Bluetooth Collaboration -> Disable [Deafult]

    BSS PLCP Header -> Auto (Short/Long) [Default]

    Fragmentation Threshold -> 2346 [Default] (Can enter value)

    IBSS 54g(tm) Mode -> 54g - Auto [Default]
    54g - LRS
    54g - Performance
    802.11b Only

    IBSS 54g(tm) Protection Mode -> Auto [Deafult]

    IBSS Channel Number -> 11 [Default] (Can enter value)

    IBSS Link Indication -> Default [Default]

    Locally Administered Mac Address -> Not Present [Default]

    Location -> Default [Default]
    United States

    Minimum Power Consumption -> Enabled [Default]

    Power output -> 100% [Default]

    Power save mode -> Disabled [Default]

    Radio enable/disable -> Enabled [Default]

    Rate -> Use best rate [Default]
    54 down to 1

    Roam Tendency -> Moderate [Default]

    Roaming decision -> Default [Default]
    Optimize Bandwidth
    Optimize Distance

    RTS Threshold -> 2347 [Default] (Can enter value)

    Speedbooster -> Enabled [Default]

    WME -> Disabled [Default]

    WZC Managed Ethernet -> Disabled [Default]

    XPress (TM) Technology -> Enabled [Default]
  2. grape8pe

    grape8pe Network Guru Member

    Interested Too...

    I'm also interested to see what setting are optimal. I was reading the PC Magazine review of the WRT54GS and it showed a better performance for long distances (120+ ft.) with the speedbooster disabled. I have yet to try switching it off but I was wondering what other people experienced.
  3. Arisus

    Arisus Guest

    /me subscribes
  4. quadraphonic

    quadraphonic Network Guru Member

    No one has any thoughts on this?
  5. grape8pe

    grape8pe Network Guru Member

    Did some searching for this exact information and found this post. Has anyone come up with any ideas?
  6. SteelersFANinMA

    SteelersFANinMA Network Guru Member

    Re: Interested Too...

    Correct about Speedbooster. Do a search for posts about speedbooster by danielhaden either at this site or at hyperwrt.org/forum where he is a moderator, and you'll read the same thing. For myself, I have a single laptop in my network. In this case there is no need for speedbooster since I'm not going to be transferring anything from one computer to another. With that being said, speedbooster will not improve your internet experience.

    edit: Grape Ape was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid back in the day. Ironically, it crossed my mind just the other day...funny to see it as a username here. :rockon:
  7. airlik73

    airlik73 Guest

    Thanks for the posting, this helped out great for my setup issue.

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