WMP54GS 'deactivates' after some time

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by moh0815, May 9, 2005.

  1. moh0815

    moh0815 Network Guru Member

    Hi *,
    I experienced some strange behaviour of my WMP54-GS-PCI-Card when using it on WinXP in conjunczion with a WRT54-GS Router.
    After running for some days, the card looses the connection to the router, the tray-icon shows 'disabled'. When looking at the WinXP-wireless-networks I'm still seeing my home-wlan with the correct SSID, but when trying to manually reconnect it just fails. The status-led of the pci-card still remains dark - no network activity can be noticed.
    Only rebooting the PC helps to reconnect, after this reboot the networking is back and working again - at least for the next few days :(

    btw: I'm using the WinXP-WZC with WPA-PSK AES, not the linksys-software...

    Can anyone help me, is there anyone who encounters the same problem or are there any hints fix this issue?

    best regards,
  2. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    Check the default selections for the WMP54-GS-PCI-Card hardware. Go to Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, highlite your card (network adapter), right click, properties, Advanced. Then go through and make sure everything is set ok. If WME is enabled, try disabled.
  3. moh0815

    moh0815 Network Guru Member


    there are the settings which I'm currently using (not changed anything):

    Antenna Diversity: AUTO
    AP Compatibility Mode: Higher Performance
    Bluetooth Collaboration: Disable
    BSS PLCP Header: Auto (Short/Long)
    Fragmentation Treshold: 2346
    IBSS 54g(tm) Mode: 802.11b only
    IBSS 54g(tm) Protection Mode: Auto
    IBSS 54g(tm) Link Indication: Default
    Locally Administered MAC-address: n/a
    Location: Default
    Minimum Power Consumption: Enabled
    Power Output: 100%
    Power Safe Mode: Disabled
    Radio Enable/Disable: Enabled
    Rate: Use best rate
    Roam Tendency: Moderate
    Roaming Decision: Default
    RTS Treshold: 2347
    SpeedBooster: Enabled
    WME: Disabled
    WZC Managed Ethernet: Disabled
    XPress (TM) Technology: Enabled

    Some additional infos:

    Driver Version:
    802.11g only network

    Does it look ok?
    btw: Is there any kind of information for all this options?

    And what is 'IBSS'? As you can see it's set to 802.11b only mode - is this correct for 11g-only networks like mine?

    Thanks & Regards
  4. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    If you only have 11g only networks, change the setting to reflect that. Everything looks like I have it set on mine except "WZC Managed Ethernet", which I have enabled.

  5. matthiaz

    matthiaz Network Guru Member

    I had the same problems. Try using the newest Broadcom drivers (get them here

    My card runs without any drop outs or disconnects now. Just as it should be! I hope it'll save your day, too!
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