working WDS with any TomatoUSB version (4 devices)?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by tomatosauce, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. tomatosauce

    tomatosauce Networkin' Nut Member

    I switched over to Tomato from DD-WRT because I could not get WDS to work.
    Connections got dropped or blocked after a while.
    The same DD-WRT build I used worked fine on Linksys E2000 in N only mode on the 5Ghz band with WPA2, AES.
    Not on the WRT310n V2 though:
    No matter which combo I chose. With or without STP, in a Lazy-WDS mode, choosing explicit links, having redundant links or a "star" configuration: I will lose connections, especially after a reboot of the AP connected to the router (E3000) that connects to the the rest of the world.
    I used tomato-K26-1.28.7494MIPSR2-Toastman-RT-MiniIPv6.trx on the Tomato side.

    The manual "apply settings"/"save" that some people claim makes it work for them manually again does not always seem to work in my case.
    I definitely need to support N and "normal" speeds (Auto setting). I could live with g and n only modes but Tomato does not have that setting (in the GUI at least).
    I need encryption (so it has to be WPA2 with AES if I understand it right).
    I do not care if I have to use LazyWDS, have to specify redundant links with STP or not or if I have to specify a non-redundant network layout.

    I need 4 stations in total (at least). If I have to specify it without STP then it has to be like this:
    Station - Main (connects to Internet router) - Station - Station

    Who can confirm a similar enough setting that is successfully working on WRT310n V2, g+n bands and encryption?

    I could not find any post that really had an answer for this. (What doesn't make it easier that you cannot search for the WDS keyword it seems :) )

    Update: further observations.
    Initially I had it on channel 11, width 40Mhz, control sideband upper. I then tried channel 7, width 40 Mhz, control sideband lower - and it got even worse, in terms of the WDS nodes coming up again after changing settings on the main AP.
    Funny observation: Even in a control sideband mismatch scenario (upper / lower) it would still connect (but as unreliable as before).

    Please share.

  2. tomatosauce

    tomatosauce Networkin' Nut Member

    On the WRT310n v2 all the builds that I have found it seems to run stable only with regular WPA and b/g mode. No n mode (because that only works with WPA2).
    STP aggravates the problems seemingly even further.

    Is there really nobody who has experience with this?
  3. eahm

    eahm LI Guru Member

    Yes, I actually fixed this yesterday installing DD-WRT on the second router (WRT300Nv1) and Tomato Shibby on the main one (E4200v1). Everything runs perfectly.
  4. tomatosauce

    tomatosauce Networkin' Nut Member

    WRT300Nv1 has a different chipset though, I believe (cannot check Wikipedia on SOPA day :) ). the problem might partially be different depending on the cihpset used.
    Can you specify the builds (especially DD-WRT build).
    And what you used before (that did NOT work).

    I am a bit doubtful regarding that both DD-WRT with DD-WRT and Tomato with Tomato would be worse than DD-WRT with Tomato.
  5. eahm

    eahm LI Guru Member

    E4200 (Tomato Shibby 083V AiO) -> WRT300Nv1 (Tomato Shibby 083V): The WDS never fully locked. It was disconnecting, and not getting the WDS back. I tried different configurations, different days. I've been configuring WDS for a long time, this was not working.

    E4200 (Tomato Shibby 083V AiO) -> WRT300Nv1 (DD-WRT 14896 Standard Generic): Perfect.

    Just saying something different than others, the WDS works, the customer paid, done.
  6. tomatosauce

    tomatosauce Networkin' Nut Member

    thanks, maybe I just need to try older DD-WRT builds then... I used pretty recent builds only.
  7. eahm

    eahm LI Guru Member

    Yes, that's the last one for the WRT300N and it's probably a older one. I don't use/like DD-WRT and I don't know much about their releases.
  8. tvlz

    tvlz LI Guru Member

    Try this:
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