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    I have a WRT54G v.1 and a correspondingly old WPC54G. I've installed Linksys firmware 3.03.6 in the WRT54G (and because I'm not at home now) don't know what driver I have for the WPC54G. I also have a relatively new HP wirelessG printer -- DJ 6840.

    Not knowing any better, and wanting to upgrade my security, I went into the router's config screen, set wireless security to WPA (nothing about WPA2 was there) and set the encryption to AES (from the drop down box). I did the same on the config screen for the printer and in the laptop that uses the WPC54G (WinXPProsp2). Everything works fine.

    Then I asked Linksys support (a) if my v.1 WRT54G supported WPA2 and if so (b) with what firmware.

    They said "Yes." With firmware v. 4.00.7. I forgot to ask about a driver for my v.1 WPC54G.

    Then I came here. And find statements like WPA2 is only supported on the WRT54G with beta firmware avaialble here. And Toxic's link to http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/news/article.php/3402971 which says the "main difference" between WPA and WPA2 is AES.

    So -- do I have WPA2 or not? I assume not -- but how much more secure is WPA2 than WPA with AES? Or, despite the appearance in the various config screens, am I really not using AES?

    Very confused. :roll:
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    With firmware version 4.07 WPA2 is available.

    The WPA-PSK AES was available on your router, but that version may have nof conformed to the final standard the IEEE adopted. AES is part of WPA2. The WPC54GX came out with WPA2 a few weeks befor the corresponding firmware for the WRT54GX and when using WPA-PSK AES WPA2 on it I could not connect to my WRT54GX, so there is a difference, even, when using AES on both.
    The question does your driver for WPC54G have WPA2.
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    Anonymous Guest

    The answer is no. And although I havent asked Linksys, if (as I assume) I can only use the driver for the WPC54G v. 1 , rather than the driver for WPC54G v.2, I doubt if I can get a WPA2 driver. The driver for the v1 is Driver Version, which is dated 7/17/2003 -- far too long ago to know about WPA2. The driver for the v.2 is Driver Version:, dated 8/26/2004 -- which also probably doesn't have WPA2.

    Given your experience, I guess I won't bother to upgrade the firmware for the WRT, and stick with WPA-PSK with AES, even if it isn't "real" WPA2.

    It does seem a little surprising, though, that Linksys would give the router the capability to use WPA2 without making a corresponding PC card adapter available.
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    That was the case with the WPC54GX and WRT54GX combination. The WPA2 came out earlier on the WPC54GX and later on the WRT54GX. They came out about two weeks apart. They release drivers and firmware after testing them hopefully independently of one another. Sometimes you cannot get addition features on a device, in the case of firmware if the device does not have enough memory or the device may not work with new security, etc. You can still upgrase the firmware on the router and just use WPA-PSK AES WPA and not the WPA-PSK AES WPA2 or use both. There are other improvements in the firmware of the router, so if you have another problem with the router firmware you may want to upgrade it. Alaways do a firmware upgrade from a wired connection and wait a minure or two for the upgrade to complete after being notified it has completed. Power cycle the router and you should have reset the router to factory defaults before the upgrade. That is the safest way of doing it, shor tof not doing it at all.
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    There may be a way to enable WPA2 on WPC54G cards without waiting for Linksys to provide a new driver: A poster on the MS WinXP General Discussions ng says:
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    WRT54G and WPC54Gv2 with WPA2

    Ok, i was trying to make wpa2 work on all my computers using the wrt54gv2 router with one pc equiped with a wpc54g and another equiped with a wmp54g (don't remember the version).I find out how to make that working: few month ago i downloaded a broadcom driver (broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN version dated from the 21st of april 2005) so i update all card drivers with that version, plus the kb893357 MS patch. You can find those drivers on http://search.hp.com/ by searching "broadcom 802.11 b/g wlan". hope it ll be usefull !! :cheering:
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