Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Birds, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Birds

    Birds Network Guru Member

    I am running HyperWRT 1.4 with WPA RADIUS and AES.

    I have recently tried a supplicant for our PCs that have a "WPA2" option, but when selecting it the client won't connect to HyperWRT with it's WPA RADIUS setting.

    Is "WPA2 RADIUS" enabled, or an option, in more recent HyperWRT firmwares?

  2. FDM80

    FDM80 Network Guru Member

    If that's not working then see if WPA Radius + TKIP works. If TKIP works and AES doesn't, then I would think the drivers for the wifi card don't support AES. You have to remember that because a supplicant is installed that supports certain encryptions, it does not necessarily mean the actual drivers for the device support it.
  3. Birds

    Birds Network Guru Member

    We are currently running WPA using AES-CCMP with authentication through freeRADIUS using EAP-TLS.

    The wireless card is from the 802.11g draft days, and the supplicant's implementation of WPA AES is pre-WPA2 certification.

    The WRT54G has WPA RADIUS mode and our setup works great with WPA giving us AES-CCMP (but not the "official" WPA2 certified version and I know there is a slight difference but don't know exactly what it is).

    The most recent version of this supplicant has the certified WPA2 AES, as well as the legacy WPA AES for backward compatibility.

    The issue is that when selecting WPA2 AES on the updated version of the supplicant, the card:

    1) finds the AP and associates to it
    2) authenticates to the AP (freeRADIUS logs show a successful authentication including the sending of keys)
    3) the PC supplicant says it is waiting for keys, never gets them and starts the process over.

    So what I am trying to find out is if the most recent versions of HyperWRT is configured to work with WPA2 enabled supplicants that are specifically asking for a WPA2 AP.
  4. Birds

    Birds Network Guru Member

    According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the WRT54G V2 is supposed to be certified for WPA2 Enterprise (WPA2 using 802.1X authentication - such as freeRADIUS).

    I checked out the latest HyperWRT (2.1b1) and my client supplicant in "WPA2" mode was not able to connect - even when using TKIP as the encryption.

    TKIP encryption resulted in the same cycle described above - even when a new SSID was used.

    So, has anyone been able to get a HyperWRT based WRT54G working in either WPA2-Personal (Pre-shared Key) or WPA2-Enterprise mode?
  5. FDM80

    FDM80 Network Guru Member

    Well, I use WPA (Radius) with the Satori+Tinypeap firmware. I can't use AES though because some clients on my network only support TKIP. Essentially I have WPA, using TKIP and also have PEAP authentication with the Radius portion of the equation. It works great for me so I'm not exactly sure what could be going wrong.
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