WPC54G Notebook Adapter doesn't get an IP address

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by josepest, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. josepest

    josepest Guest


    Installed WRT54G router. It works fine. Also installed WPC54G Notebook Adapter. The problem is that I can see the wireless connection but I can't connect. The adapter can't get an IP address. I have WinXP sp2 I hope someone can help me
  2. arachma1

    arachma1 Network Guru Member

    I suppose your notebook wirelessly connected at the physical layer to your router properly (SSID, Signal strength, Quality, etc. are alright). Do you set up your router to provide Static or Dynamic IP address? Does your PC set up the same way? If you set up both to have static IP address, are those IP addresses in the same subnet?
  3. arachma1

    arachma1 Network Guru Member

    While I was searching for a solution of my problem (see my post: WPC54GS works fine but Link Information shows N/A), I could re-produce your problem. In your case, I think there is a conflict between Windows XP's Wireless Zero Configuration and Linksys Network Monitor utility.

    I suppose you have already followed the installation guide to disable the Wireless Zero Configuration. Did you try to prevent the Linksys utility to run automatically at Windows startup? If not, I suggest you try that:

    1. From Start -> Run -> type: msconfig, then click OK
    2. Click on "Startup" tab
    3. Uncheck your Linksys utility, then click on Apply
    4. Click on OK and confirm to reboot your PC

    I got your problem after I did that and started the utility manually.

    I hope you could get an IP address and connect to the internet afterwards. But this means you can not use the Linksys utility, unless there would update on this which works properly for you (and me).
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