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WPC54G(S) & WPA Security

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Lladnar, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Lladnar

    Lladnar Guest

    After several attempts with different computers & different WPC54G's, I cannot seem to get them to talk to a Linksys AP using WPA-PSK. Any ideas, anyone?
  2. Veridor

    Veridor Network Guru Member

    Not that it is of much help, but I am having a bugger of a time with WPA as well here
  3. Xuser

    Xuser Network Guru Member

    Yes, I can

    I wasn't able to use WPA-RADIUS before but I was able to now after I've found out some additional attributes needed to be setup on our RADIUS server. When I had that touble, I tried using WPA-PSK and it did work flawlessly. Perhaps a firmware upgrade if you haven't already.
  4. HoMa

    HoMa Network Guru Member


    In the docu of the option 801.x (or similar) I read, that it is necessary to activate this to use WPA. Maybe this helps.

  5. Xuser

    Xuser Network Guru Member

    No, WPA-RADIUS doesn't work

    I have tried different settings but no, it will not work. However, I accidentally found out maybe the reason why. I was testing another RADIUS software called, "WinRadius" and according to its log, the Linksys was trying to authenticate using EAP-MD5, and of course failed. Now I have checked the settings and EAP-MD5 was never used. I'm using PEAP-MSCHAP-V2. I still think this Linksys WAP54G V2 AP doesn't support WPA-RADIUS.
  6. Fman99

    Fman99 Network Guru Member

    I have had the same issue with my v2. Running both Linksys firmware and DD-WRT I am unable to authenticate to WinRadius running on my desktop. Got the same EAP-MD5 error.

    Anyone using WPA-RADIUS with a v2 WRT54G?

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