Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by evilhead, May 7, 2005.

  1. evilhead

    evilhead Network Guru Member

    Is this thing crapola?? I got it yesterday & it connected great for a few hours, then dropped out inexplicably never to return. It says it's connected to the LINKSYS AP, but Internet cannot be found. WTF. It's too overly complicated. My roommates have zero problems with thier DIFFERENT brand cards, type in the WEP passcode and bam.

    Signal strength EXCELLENT Speed 54.0 Mbps Click IE ARRRRGH!!

    Reinstalled it by the book, nothing. Turned off Wireless Zero Config, Erased all LINKSYS drivers & went with Windows', w/ WZC turned back on, nothing works. Christ I'm annoyed.

    The AP is set up on a desktop with WEP enabled. You type in a passcode on that machine, while mine specifically asks for either HEXADECIMAL 10digits or ASCII with 5... his passcode is ten digits all numbers and doesnt even have an option for specific type. Is this the problem? Woe is me
  2. evilhead

    evilhead Network Guru Member

    I Windows Updated to SP2 on this laptop to match the AP machine running XP SP2, and it works???

    No LINKSYS software or drivers installed at all, I let Microsoft autodetect everything.

  3. CDeCinko

    CDeCinko Network Guru Member

    Join the club. I installed a WRT56G router and WPC56G adapter a few days ago. I agree, the thing is pure crapola. So is tech support. Their answer is to try it on another notebook. I don't have another notebook! And what happens if by some chance this defective adapter trashes that other notebook? What then?

    I was able to get connection for a few short minutes and then the card locked up the machine. I could pop it out and back in but I'd either get the adapter not to turn back on, or the machine so locked I had to hit the reset button.

    I installed a BIOS update on the notebook. Since then, all I can get and randomly, is a connection to the AP but no internet connection. I get an IP, I get subnet, I get DNS, according the the Linksys app. But no Internet connection.

    I reinstalled Windows 2000, clean, no ghosts of drivers past, etc. Same thing. Pure crappola. I uninstalled everything, reinstalled my old generic adapter, and that one works fine! Just doesn't support WPA due to its age.

    Gotta say it's pretty bad when overseas generic junk performs better than Linksys hardware. Back to the store it goes!
  4. ofbarea

    ofbarea Network Guru Member

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