WPC54GS - question1-NICServ.exe | question2-54Mbps max

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by odessit, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. odessit

    odessit Network Guru Member

    After installing WPC54GS driver and monitoring software from the Linksys original installation CD, I found two new files running right from the computer start up:

    Odhost.exe is obviously needed for the wireless operation because if stopped the card loses the connection with the AP.
    My question is about NICServ.exe. I stopped the process, I disabled the service that fires up this file at the computer start up time, and the WPC54GS still is able to perfectly connect to the router (WRT54GS). Anyone knows what this file - NICServ.exe - is for? Why it is needed if it is even needed? Linksys tech support either denies that the file came with installation CD or simply has no idea of its existence. The file is actually located in the installation directory of the monitoring software.

    Another question:
    Even before I stopped the NICServ.exe from running, the monitoring software never showed speed above 54 Mbps. My router (WRT54GS) is set to G-Only mode and I have no other network types in my house but G. Any idea?

    Thanks to everyone who cares to respond.

    Dell Inspiron 8200
    WinXP Pro SP1
    WRT54GS – Alchemy Public 1.0
  2. odessit

    odessit Network Guru Member

    anyone? please..
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