WPS54GU2 Status and LAN LEDs blink alternately after trying to activate WLAN

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by mikeyj001, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Had this problem for a couple of months now. I've searched the net, but no one seems to have encountered this. After setting up the WPS, unplugging the LAN cable, powering down, and waiting 30 secs plus, I power up and then the WLAN LED eventually blinks once then goes off. After that the Status and LAN lights flash mostly alternately. It seems like it repeats this process several times after power up, as if trying to activate WLAN. While this is happening, if I try to use BI-Admin, or the web browser, it's as if there is no LAN connection, which I guess should happen in this situation.

    I've used the web UI and BI-Admin to try to configure the WPS, and can print test pages via each method or via pressing the reset button for a couple of seconds, so I know the printer must be compatible.

    I'm also using a WRT54G router, the WPS54GU2 with 6032 firmware, BI-Admin 4.06, there is no software CD and a HP Laserjet 1010 via USB. I noticed that in the wireless section (under Status) of the web UI or BI-Admin's Device status, i get:

    BSS ID: Not Applicable

    Current Channel: 0
    Current Tx Rate: 0 Mbits/s

    Throughput: Tx: 0 Rx: 0
    Link Quality: Not Applicable
    Signal Strength: Not Applicable.

    Is that normal? The channel I use is 11, with WEP encryption, Infrastructure and a HEX shared key (The same info as the on the WRT54G0).

    Any ideas?

    I need to get this going for test purposes. Thanx
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