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WR54GS + wiggler Jtag + Firm rmt --> How put into AP by J

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by clrpinto, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. clrpinto

    clrpinto Network Guru Member


    Well, after a long time searching on Internet, about Jtag Adaptor, Wrv54G Recover Firm and another other stuffs, I make some progress to recovery my DEAD WRV54G !

    I put a post here, about this -> When I turn on the WRV, All leds on test mode, after, only the power led still on, but its blink. The Lan1 to 5 Led and Internet Led turn on, when i plug into PC or network, but the AP doesn´t send IP by DHCP. I try manually and doesn´t possible to acess the setup !
    I try by TFTP program and another others (FTP,WEB) and doesn´t acess it !
    I think that firm is corrupt or completely erased !
    When i find a method to recovery the bios, i find the Jtag connection (J2) on wrv. By Jtag, its possyble to test, erase and write the firm.

    I make the Wiggler Jtag Adaptor to Arm - 20 pin.
    I download the rowley crossworks 1.5 ARM to use with Jtag adaptor and Wind Xp - I not use the Linux !
    When I try to use, I don´t see the option to send the rmt file (firm) to Firmware Chip.

    I need a easey program to send by Jtag on Windows XP, the firm file rmt to WRV firm Chip !!

    Somebody know a program to make it ?

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