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WRE54G + BTVoyager Router

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kaykay, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. kaykay

    kaykay LI Guru Member


    i configured Expander and Router so both have the same SSID, Channel and network range(192.168.1.X)


    My PC connects to the network and i have access to the expander but no more to the router. I can not "ping" the router.

    Any Security is disabled
    Under "Access Point MAC Address" i typed in the Address of the router.

    If i change the channel of the expander, i can connect either to router or to the expander.

    i used the software disk as well as i did a manual configuration
  2. kaykay

    kaykay LI Guru Member

    no idea?:frown:
  3. afishe2000

    afishe2000 Network Guru Member

    What version of firmware is the WRE54G running?
  4. kaykay

    kaykay LI Guru Member

    i upgraded to Firmware v1.06, Sep 30, 2005
    the setup worked.. but

    "link status" = mac adress of expander

    i cant change it to mac adress of router..

    sometime before it said WRE cannot associate with AP (router)
  5. afishe2000

    afishe2000 Network Guru Member

  6. kaykay

    kaykay LI Guru Member

    I stepped the firmware back to v1.04.17, Oct 13, 2004

    and did the manual configuration..

    now i can type in the MAC-adress of the router..

    but it still does not work.. i can not ping the router

    thanks anyway

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