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wrt 54g v2.2 connection probz.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Hansson, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Hansson

    Hansson Guest

    Hello folks..
    I have just set up an brand new wrt54g v2.2 at home, everything worked out just fine. But the router disconnected my wireless laptop every 10 min.
    So i upgraded fw to Linksys 4.20.6 and my disconnect problems where gone..

    But now 2 days later the router goes mad, and i have to reset or unplug the power cord and restar the router, then my wired pc works..

    And my laptop, oh with a Avaya gold card inserted no longer get any wireless connection, i have tried to set the security to zero, but nothing.

    Should i go for another firmware then Linksys, and how does that work, can i just upgrade to Talisman or Alchemy

    I hope you understand my English

    // Newbee Swede

    Up´n running again, my avayacard was broken, tride another laptop as well but even that wlan-card was broken..
    i´m now running with another avaya-card and it works just fine

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