WRT120N constant reboot cycle if three LAN devices connected

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Limeyfellow, May 27, 2011.

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    I woke up today to find my router having fits. It would get power, turn on the internet signal but error out and crash when trying to connect the devices on the lan. The router is a WRT120N with firmware 1.01.

    I have tested two desktops, two laptops, external and internal network cards, and a VoIP phone unit with wire connections and observed the following details.

    If you have no devices plugged into any lan ports, everything boots properly. At this stage you can plug any two devices into any two ports and everything works properly. It doesn't matter what devices are or the ports.

    However if you try and plug in a third device in any lan port, the router instantly goes into a constant reboot cycle, that can only be solved by unplugging everything from the lan ports and then waiting for it to finish loading. Then you can go back to plugging in two devices. Anymore and it crashes again.

    If you change any settings in the router you get the same constant crash cycle that can be fixed for two devices by simply unplugging everything. Then you can get it to work as before with two devices either.

    I hesitate to update the firmware to see if that will fix it, because I run a very strong risk of the lan ports screwing up during the operation and leaving me with a fancy new paper weight.

    Is the router just screwed or is there any procedures that can be tried to fix it. I typically run two desktops and the phone from the router's lan ports, so this is rather an annoying problem I not seen before.


    The limey fellow.
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