WRT350N and uTorrent

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by RafaelCamacho, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. RafaelCamacho

    RafaelCamacho LI Guru Member


    Is there a trick that I can use to solve the problem between WRT* and uTorrent?

    When I leave the uT downloading and uploading for a couple of hours, the router and obvously the internet stop to responding! The connection that windows shows keep ok, but you cannot to ping the router and any other address in the network.

    If you try a new connection like visit any page or anything else that require a new connection, you can´t! "This page cannot..."

    Please help!!!
  2. RafaelCamacho

    RafaelCamacho LI Guru Member

    If I turn off and turn on the router... I have more a few hours to be happy...

    The firmware is: Firmware Version: v1.03.7

    And I am not using any kind of storage, only routing...

  3. sconk

    sconk Network Guru Member

    you can use dd-wrt on it that will help.

    i guess you are in usa or arround over there..
  4. RafaelCamacho

    RafaelCamacho LI Guru Member

    I am in South America, Brazil.

    In the past, I had a WRT54GS with Thibor... that´s great with utorrent. I think that the WRT350N is discontinued from this forum...

  5. Rekoil

    Rekoil LI Guru Member

    I second the dd-wrt call. Try it, seriously.
  6. RafaelCamacho

    RafaelCamacho LI Guru Member

    I am afraid about using DD-WRT, For example, Thibor is made with attention and the author is dedicate for this...

    So, if you can show me the files from DD-WRT that I can use and how make a rollback to official linksys firmware...

    Best Regards!!
  7. X3lectric

    X3lectric LI Guru Member

    :( never mind eh
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