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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by voiajor, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Hi. I posted on ww-drt.com, but nobody there has an answer for me, so I'll try here.

    I want to run a web server on my WRT350N. It has a 300Mhz processor, MIPS, so it should be fast enough. I have DD-WRT v24 beta standard installed. The firmware installed fine, bo problem. It's actually quite nice and stable.

    All I want to do is run a web server for LAN clients, that's it. No internet. Client connects to the network, is given an IP address, and when they open up their web browser, unless they have their startup page set to blank, any HTTP request is routed over to my starting web page, where people can click on links to download files, of all sizes (mostly huge).

    That'd seem simple, right? Well... I thought so to. But it's not.

    I can use the Wiki guide to switching the GUI admin web interface from port 80 to whatever I want on the router, and set my own httpd process to listen on port 80 easy enough. But, where am I going to store all my files? I have GIGABYTES to serve. I have a laptop, but it's only got a 60 GB drive, not big enough. That, and I don't want to have my only laptop running 24/7 as a web server.

    OK... so I can get an ethernet gigabit external hard drive right? Sure, but I can't have these 4 GB file transfer restrictions that the FAT32 drives come with. I'm not sure if I should go with samba or CIFS for transfers. Is it possible to use an ethernet attached drive as a big shared folder to the router, so I can install a different http daemon on THAT, along with all the files I want to serve up, or can the drive ONLY be used for storage?

    Like I said, I'd also like to have the users be redirected to my web page. The *only* way I know of doing this is with an address=/#/<IP address of SERVER here> line. I can't use port forwarding since there is no WAN connection to my router. I want LAN to LAN forwarding. But, if I use the address line, HTTP requests are going to an IP address. If my external hard drive doesn't have a mini http daemon running on it that I can configure (which it wouldn't), I'd have to direct the HTTP requests to the router. Should I do that? Is it wise? Could it slow down the router too much having more than one httpd running at once? Is all that reading to flash memory on the router going to diminish its life? If I want to have 5-10 users on at once downloading things, is the DD-WRT httpd going to be able to keep up? I can't get thttpd installed on this firmware for the LIFE of me. The Optware tutorial doesn't work.

    I'm at a loss. Maybe someone who knows Linux backwards and forwards can help me. I just want two pieces of PORTABLE equipment, a router and an external drive (with a small CAT6 cable and the power supplies). I want to be able to take these two anywhere, plug them in, and in a minute or two, have an 802.11n LAN people can connect to and download some stuff. That's all. Built in flash on the router isn't going to cut it. I need at least 300 GB of storage space. A throttling http daemon would be very nice too.

    Please help me...
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