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WRT350N White Page HELP!

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by chaoticblankness, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. chaoticblankness

    chaoticblankness LI Guru Member

    I just flashed the latest dd-wrt v24 beta to my WRT350N and now I cannot access the GUI.

    I restored the defaults before upgrade and the upgrade went ok and loaded the "Upgrade Successful Page" and asked me too continue. I waited 6mins before hitting continue... After hitting continue it asked me to login and I tried not knowing the username was now root so after three times it told me access denied but said the default username was root.

    So I typed in again to try with root as the user and all it loaded was a blank white page... I'm really scared right now because the network still works but "the white page affect" happened to a friends WRT54G v1.1 after trying to install dd-wrt and when he reset and unplugged it died outright.

    Did I just brick my baby? :frown:

    Note: Everything was done with the latest IE7.
  2. chaoticblankness

    chaoticblankness LI Guru Member

    Ok, now I feel like a ignorant noob in panic.. and maybe I was. I did a reset with powering it off and now it works... and I feel stupid.

    Please, just ignore my impatient post...
  3. docinthebox

    docinthebox LI Guru Member

    Can surely understand your feeling. Having a $180 brick laying on your desk is not a fun thing.

    By the way, which version of dd-wrt v24 beta did you load - the mini generic?

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