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WRT545 V 5 I cant get any firmware on it yet seems to be ac

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by tlordon, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. tlordon

    tlordon Network Guru Member

    WRT545 V 5 I cant get any firmware on it yet seems to be accepting it. kinda.

    (Im so pissed I brought my ver 4 back and got this.. I should have flashed that one it was only loosing wifi…)

    so I tell ya what I have done..
    every thing.. LOL
    I made a jtag cable.. correct

    I installed the 4.5 driver and it works..

    This is the strings Im using..

    Wrt54g –erase:wholeflash
    When I first started I could just type this now if I want to go past the opening writes thing I have to add /noreset or it will just sit there..

    Wrt54g –flash:nvram /noreset

    Sometimes reboot sometimes not

    Then I ping and get a ping..

    So I go ahead and flash.. during flash lan flshs fast (obv) and during tftp dos It says it moved it.
    and it takes it and just keeps flashing power light .
    I flash with tftp and tftp.exe from linkys both stock firmware and dd-wrt.v23 micro
    My lan light is on for the port im on …
    I only get all lan lights on after I
    Wrt54g –erase:wholeflash
    And once I flash cfe and reboot I can ping again….

    oh not any more but it was locking up during a flash so i unpluged i know that was bad but id locked up..

    i also erase kernel..

    what is the reason it lets me erase wholeflash with noreset but without it it just sits there
    but I can get the dumb thing to actually take the firmware..
  2. tlordon

    tlordon Network Guru Member

    what ever leds are on are on
    i erase wholeflash /noreset
    all leds turn on

    erase:cfe /noreset
    flash cfe/noreset
    only power flashing and my current lan..

    i have my pc set at static but wrt dhcp works
    i flash with firmware either tfp exe or dos... says completed
    and i wait and it just keeps flashing the power..

    since i ersed the kernel how does it get back or do i have to download it from somewhwer.. or does flashing cfe and the new firmware replace that..

    im not sure if i need this as you can see abouv i can essentialy lock myself out and then get back in but nothing esle..

    what pins exactly do i need to short.. pics would be great.+ or do i not have to short since i can lock myself out and then get bcak in
    . i have looked since 6pm last night... nonstop trying this POS.. im tired.. LOL

    am i missing some simple step here.. please help.
  3. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Wouldn't it be a lot less trouble to get a WRT54GL unit?
  4. tlordon

    tlordon Network Guru Member

    LOL not realy... i was flashing to get away from linksys and stop the wifi conection problems....
    but i cant even go back to stock now..
    i just want it to work.. .stock or modded

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