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wrt54g 16mb ram enable

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SirRoxen, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. SirRoxen

    SirRoxen LI Guru Member

    Okay, well basically, I didn't read that this fix was for wrt54gs routers, and not just wrt54g. So I ran the command on dd-wrt firmware.

    nvram set sdram_init=0x0A
    nvram set sdram_ncdl=0
    nvram commit

    And now all the local port lights are on, and the power light blinks, and I can't ping it. Is this router done for?
  2. sufrano63

    sufrano63 Network Guru Member

    ....Trying this on an unsupported unit will brick your router, recoverable only through a JTAG based erasure of NVRAM. ...
  3. SirRoxen

    SirRoxen LI Guru Member

    Yea I was in a hurry. I'm fully aware of my ****up, no need to give me all the dots.

    Thanks for your help. And can you provide a link on what you talked about, "JTAG based erasure of NVRAM." Or can I not do that with special tools?

    Maybe I should just take it to bestbuy and go "uhh..it stopped working randomly."

    Edit: Well I read up on it, and I'd rather not go through all the trouble. Hopefully I can just get it replaced and next time I won't make such a dumb mistake.

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